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Tinos Island GreeceTinos Holy church

Sacred location of the historical site

Tinos Island GreeceThe Marble Palace, Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, with its numerous Chapels, Cells and Administrative Offices, was constructed in the Island of Tenos on an ancient religious site.

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Miracles of the Megalochari of Tenos

The History of the Holy church of the Megalochari of Tenos is miraculous, from the first vision of the Nun Pelaghia to this day, proving the Divine Presence and Divine Intervention of our Blessed Theotokos, Mary Mother of God.

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Tinos Island, Greece

January 30, 1823 was the Feast Day of the Three Hierarchs. Although it was a religious holiday, work was continued by the inhabitants of the village of Phalatas, whose turn it was to work on that particular day. Their work was concentrated mainly on the excavation of the floor of the Church under construction and the levelling and transporting of earth.

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Facts about the Holy Icon

The Holy Icon of the Annunciation of Tenos, also called the Megalochari by the people, originally decorated the ancient Church of S1. John the Precursor. The island's occupants were poor people, who no longer worshipped the Olympian "gods". They destroyed the idols and during the Byzantine era built Churches to the Glory of God.

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Construction of the Church

Tinos Holy ChurchImmediately after the discovery of the Holy Icon, a decision was made to build a large Shrine above the Chapel of the Life- Giving Well (ZOO DOHOS PIGHI). The Lower Church was extended by porticos to both right and left, as a foundation to the brilliant Church which we witness today. Plans were made for its construction by Mr. Eustratios Kallonaris, an Architect from Smyrna.

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